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Vinyl Fence Manufacturer

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When it comes to fencing solutions, PVC or vinyl is becoming increasingly popular. With its low maintenance and high durability, more and more businesses are turning towards PVC fencing for their needs. At Custom Machine Motioneering (CMM), we have been leading the way in the PVC fabrication equipment and systems integration field. With our state-of-the-art CNC routing machinery, we are changing the game for vinyl fence manufacturing.

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CNC Technology

CNC Routing Technology for Vinyl Manufacturing

Using advanced CNC technology, CMM manufactures machinery that can precisely cut and shape vinyl materials, creating customized and durable fences with intricate designs. Our machinery can guarantee high-quality craftsmanship, delivering fencing solutions that are both visually appealing and long-lasting. The CNC routers are perfect for all your fencing needs, offering accurate and efficient fabrication tailored to your specifications.


Highly Efficient and Cost-effective

Vinyl fence manufacturers can now benefit from the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of CMM’s routing machines. Our CNC machines are designed to be operated with ease, allowing businesses to produce fences quickly and accurately. With the cost of vinyl fencing being so high, purchasing these machines makes sound financial sense. It allows businesses to create and recoup the cost in just a few months.

Versatility of CNC Vinyl Routing Machine

CMM’s routing machines have been primarily developed for creating vinyl fences, but they are also versatile enough to handle other materials as well. From WPC and aluminum to composite and wood, their CNC machines can be used across a range of different fence, deck, and rail industries. This makes CMM’s routers ideal for any business looking to expand its product range.

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Customizable CNC Routers

At CMM, all our CNC routers are customizable, designed to meet the specific requirements of different businesses. Our single-bay routers, double-bay routers, and four-bay routers come with a range of additional features that are designed to improve production rates. By providing our customers with options like Extend-A-Cut, Chip Collection System, and CAD Conversion to Motion Control, businesses can customize their machinery for their exact needs.

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Provision of Routing Services

In addition to manufacturing state-of-the-art CNC routing machinery, CMM also offers routing services to help businesses get started. These routing services are perfect for companies that are not ready to fabricate their vinyl fencing yet but don't have anyone else to fabricate for them. By allowing businesses to work with CMM's routing services, they can identify qualified fabricators in their area or receive temporary fabrication assistance to help propel their business forward.

Worldwide Support

When it comes to purchasing CNC vinyl routing machines, businesses need to think about the support that they will receive. CMM provides worldwide support, service, and equipment for the fence, deck, and rail market. Whether you’re a new start-up or a well-established business, CMM is always ready to support your business.

CMM is the perfect partner for businesses looking to get into the PVC fencing market. Our expertise and experience in machinery manufacturing and systems integration have made us global leaders in this field. With their CNC router machines, businesses can expect to minimize labor, reduce waste, optimize production, and improve customer satisfaction. Contact CMM today to see how they can help your business prosper.

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