About Us

About us

From our humble roots of a mere idea and a small building, to a multi-million dollar operation, CMM provides worldwide support, services, and equipment for the Fence, Deck, & Rail market.

The CMM story started by watching an assembly line of people route by hand a PVC fence to cover 20 acres. Steve Johnson knew that his team’s ingenuity and creativity could empower the fence manufactures to be more efficient, take on more projects, and make more money. With this goal in mind, they set out on a journey that would change the fence, deck, and rail industry forever.

Through many changes in the industry and company, CMM has continued to lead the industry in cutting edge technology through our manufactured products such as our CNC routing machines, saws, notchers, welders, and many specialty products.

One of our greatest accomplishments is watching a struggling fence company trying to compete in this “dog eat dog” industry, and then become a multi-million dollar fence company after asking for CMM’s help. Not only does CMM provide the equipment, but we’ve shown many people throughout the years how to be successful in this industry. We provide you with the tools that you need to thrive.

Whether you are a brand new start-up, or a 100 year established company, call CMM today to see how we can help your business prosper!

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