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High Volume Routing

PVC, WPC, Composite, Aluminum, Wood, & Steel Fence, Deck, & Rail Industry

Gang Head Router

CMM 2500, CMM 3500

CMM's Gang Head Routing system is fully programmable like our standard CNC machines, and will rout multiple holes at  once. We customize the number of heads according to your needs. Call us today for more information.

In-line Routing


With our In-Line Routing Systems, extrusion companies are able to rout material as it comes off of the extruder. This is all possible without automation and material handling equipment. The machine can be programmed to change from different profiles, cut sizes, and hole sizes from the front office.



CMM has developed some of the most sophisticated material handling, machining, and processing equipment available on the market today. We have continued to dominate the marketplace by new product design and system integration. For your standard routing equipment we have developed a stacker, loader, rotator, and packer system. This will enable you to run your machines unmanned.

CMM Automation
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