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Business Start-Up

How the PVC/Aluminum Fabrication business works

This business opportunity is among the best ROI’s in the market today. We typically see gross margins of 75 to 140%. Custom Machine Motioneering has assisted thousands of fabricators in getting into business and supporting them. We have the most extensive knowledge base in the industry.


1.    If you are going to be a manufacturer and fabricator, installer team, or both

2.    If you will purchase your product from: extruders or wholesalers

3.    Where will you find sources for your knowledge base

4.    What equipment is needed to start your business

5.    What are your sales and marketing strategies

6.    Where is the best location for your business

CMM has the best consultation team in the business.


Stephen A. Johnson


Sean A. Behensky

Call us today for your free consultation!

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